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When you look back, you always have this thought that maybe everything began then. She wasn't happy in Virginia.

The house and children, the friends -- somehow nothing could put it in place.

I tried very hard to be contend. But after the rehearsals driving home I had to stop my only brand new car I ever had, little sporty Mazda 323, -- and vomit. What was wrong? Maybe the answer is my writings about America. But by then both of us didn't read what I write.

.... I have to write about Virginia, because you do not remember it. The house, the dog, the big old trees. We came straight from Vermont after Alyosha's birth and his herney operation. He was two week old. How strange that we do not remember the most important times in our life. By five you are formed -- and you remember now. Before -- only flashes here and there. Maybe it's too much for us to remember everything.

I bought this long, like a ship, expensive car for five hundred dollars, because it was that old American car from the before the oil crisis. Nevertheless, it made to the Hollins College campus.

Each place I lived in has my own story, every year, every day...


Yes, yes, I will tell the stories!

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