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1980: the "Reagan Revolution" -- the last attempt to live as a country. We know the results; America became the only super-power.
This page is where I will struggle with the plot. They say that the story is what hero does and the plot is what does happens to him. Originally I thought that I have a "story" -- now I think that I have a plot, not a story.

I made "content" and "outline" pages, but it helped me very little.

I kept my notes, I wrote some texts, but I can't finish the book without giving each chapter its own structure and the whole book the narrative. I fear that the need for strong plot will force me into fictionalization; the only way out is to find this plot inside my own life, to look at the events and discover the drama.

After all, my story of my American family was a struggle for survival. It has the beginning and the end. How to make it into "action" plot? You know, boy meets girl, they live happily after, have children -- and at the end our boy loses a girl.

That is where the real writing is. Our relations could ended many times -- and this is the ground for suspense. How dramatic or tragic it was? See what was missed, what didn't happened...

What if we wouldn't meet?

What if we wouldn't have family and children?

Why is that a loss?

They wouldn't be alive. So what?

What about my own life, my own existence? Do I say so what? do you say it about your own life? What if you would die tonight? So what? What is dramatic than?

See it, the high drama is in there, inside the ordinary.

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