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Our last days. Selling the house. UHall to Anchorage. Gone.


"CHRONICLES OF THE LAST DAYS OF THE LAST CENTURY" (What a strange idea? Chronicles? After the end of time? All right! My personal problems, questions and notes for myself.) Last? First.... Not applicable.


COMAN, com-man, communist-man, common man, cosmic man, universal, New American, mass man, one dimensional, postmodern human... How a future (Webster) Dictionary (2050, 3000?) would define it?

Not he or she, not even human, cyber? Non, verb, adjective? May be, a soul1...

SOUL, n. 1. [Essential nature] spiritual being, heart, substance, individuality, disposition, cause, personality, force, essence, genius, principle, ego, psyche, life.
2. [The more lofty human qualities] courage, love, affection, honor, duty, idealism, philosophy, culture, heroism, art, poetry, reverence, sense of beauty.
3. [A person] human being, man, being; see PERSON.

Post-humans, hyper-man, para, quasi, super.... how many new definitions for a SOUL! We don't believe in it!

SOULS are invisible as the light before morning, cinema before it was discovered, a new life before birth. Like in dreams when you feel it without seeing it. Souls are pure feelings, emotions of the spiritual. "Essential nature"? "Spiritual being"? Oh, the lovely mortal world of dictionaries! Heart, substance, individuality, ego, life... Often, too often, I wish to live in the past. They "knew," they believed that they knew -- see #2. We rather not to talk about it, except for "soul music" and romance literature. We talk about the end of man, humanity, de-personalization... Wait a minute! We are talking about souls! By definition, a soul was not of this world, spark of God's nature, something which violated the logic and natural. The souls, not bodies, are supposed to be resurrected.

I am the one.

WHEN Zarathustra was thirty years old, he left his home and the lake of his home, and went into the mountains. There he enjoyed his spirit and his solitude, and for ten years did not weary of it. But at last his heart changed,- and rising one morning with the rosy dawn, he went before the sun, and spake thus unto it[2]:

I left my home when I was thirty, I lived into the mountains of America for ten years before I went down. Down to myself. I am back. I am 47 now. (?) I am reading myself. I know the smell and the sound of Soviet sensations. I am blind with pain but I have enough sense to see that my situation hasn't change. I live in a land of foreign culture -- popular culture of people. How different American pop culture from the Soviet Socialist realism?

The differences are obvious. I talk about the similarities.

The power of the majority is final and total. In Moscow we knew that we live under the occupation. Five years without communists proved that it was, indeed, foreign territory for us. The communists had (still do) a ministry of culture because they wanted to make it a popular culture. American pop is a power. Becoming the global culture it get to its natural size: total dominance.


"I teach you the Superman. Man is something that is to be surpassed. What have ye done to surpass man?" (N)

Done. Surpassed man = men. Soviet lines, American traffic. On the bus, subway. Crowds. "Humanity" -- turn men against man. For too long man was the best of human. Leaders, kings, prophets. Enough! Cartoons. Superman is a folk hero. Monster which became a hero. The Greeks hide their Titans underground, letting humane gods rule the humans. The animals of an old folktale are modernized into Disney world universe. Fairy tales always were extreme and fantastic. POMO made it into a major principle of superman's culture. Industrial stage of cultural production with revised genres of science fiction, action tales, horror stories, etc. The only choice I left with is to be human in the world which surpass man. This orgy of super-humanity throws you into instinctual opposition. Power, as we know, breeds the resistance.

"Resistance -- that is the distinction of the slave." (N)

Soviet dissidents were this powerless, miserable (according to Nietzsche) survival escapism. Not a cultural war for power, but only a preservation of what is left. Living in alien culture, we loved existentialism. Passive opposition we learnt from our grandparents, the great tradition of Russian intelligencia.

"Even the wisest among you is only a disharmony and hybrid of plant and phantom. But do I bid you become phantoms or plants?" (N)

In Russia I knew that there are two kinds of plays I have to write. The differences were irreconcilable. The official culture was a kingdom of phantoms. To my own parents my night writings were phantoms. The avant-guard was only for self-consumption. Our second nature is borne out of mind of a single and lonely, it must be phantasmagoric in its worse forms. I wrote stories about non-existing problems and conflicts, my plots were full of characters non-existing in my life, who were concern with the problems of factory's productivity, dilemmas unknown to me and everybody I knew. With the same amazement I watch now all the crime stories on my TV. This is the world of phantoms which we call "entertainment." I was wrong when I thought that people would like to see something true and real about themselves. I didn't want to listen to communist sages who knew Hollywood laws. I am a plant, I am real... Later I understood that "they" -- the people, the majority -- are the plants who think that they phantoms.

"Lo! I show you the last man." Nietzsche stared in my eyes for long time without saying a word.

I saw them. All the time. I see the last man when I look in the mirror.


It was a war. At least it feels as a war. Cultural war? My war for culture and their war against culture. Wake up, culture is a war.

Violence is their method (G VIII). Ideas -- mine. The most violent of all. Writing is meta-politics. Too busy to be a politician. Ideas -- that's my realpolitik.

Mind is the most violent essence after light. It has to contradict itself if it wants to exit. It's conflict and struggle. No wonder that its product, our second nature, is so active. Negation, alienation, crisis!

Crisis as a method of existence. Catastrophe left the pages of existential writes and became corporative routine. Crisis is a war structure (Virilio). Russia lost its communist convictions (Khruchev?) and the rest was to follow. Did it happen to America in the 60s? We don't any final and stable ideology any more -- and that's our ideology, crisis as an ideology.

[How far are we into this crisis? None of the "conservative" ideas would work. The Republican perestroika can restructure only existing welfare state (Gorbachev's fate). Gingrich is an archeologist.]

Chasing our own shadow. Is capitalism self-destructive (according to marxism) and that is its method of survival? Five years after the fall of communism. Was is a victory? American (heart of western ideology now) crisis means world's crisis. Usually, government fall during the crisis, not ours.

No freedom of mind. Lost frontiers of exploration -- mind. Only in secret. At night. A free mind must hide itself. That's my wisdom of a prisoner.

"My brethren in war! I love you from the very heart. I am, and was ever, your counterpart. And I am also your best enemy. So let me tell you the truth!" (N)

WAR? Resurrection is a war. Total war.

Against life. A protest against death. It has to be a war. Without real wars, guess what -- war merges with peace. It's only a matter of interpretation. Our peace is violent. Playing God, we have to be merciless. We can't build our harmony on anything but the conflict. That our popular ideology emphasizing the people, because we are carriers of war.


That's how I feel.

I thought it was a state culture. I didn't know that the Soviet state represents Soviet people no less than American culture represents Americans. [American images; tv Americans, video crowd]

A state, is called the coldest of all cold monsters. Coldly lieth it also; and this lie creepeth from its mouth: "I, the state, am the people." (N)

Americans -- that's what the communists tried to make out of Russians.

What is American popular culture? Many faces! It doesn't have one ideology! It has no ideology! And this is an ideology!.. For fifteen years I have been talking myself out of dissent. But once you know how it feels to be in denial, you know that you are in denial. The removal of the Soviet ideological state in Russia destroyed dissidents. They found themselves in American situation: technological not cultural dominance. The market, the people, the society told them that there are two cities in every city (Dickens) and two nations in every nation (Lenin). Russian intellectual dissent was lost in a vacuum of ideological power; most of us moved to the west to be in opposition. It was one world. It's always the same, Zarathustra.

"FLEE, my friend, into thy solitude!" Nietzsche closed his eyes and said nothing else that night.

Ignored? Wait, that's how the communist ideology was destroyed. There was no fight. The generation of stagnation, the seventies, looked down at the sixties. Nobody was interested in communism anymore one way or another. There was no protest, no disagreement -- and the giant collapsed.

There was the end of public man. The end of man. There are always more people after the last man. They, the last men, after you. Run.

I went to the last frontier, deep inside myself, where I still claim my right. Only there I was my property. Private and personal property. My feelings, my thoughts were my belongings.

"I and me are always too earnestly in conversation: how could it be endured, if there were not a friend?" (N)

Alas, they came with me. I brought "them" with "me" into my solitude. I came to the country where I knew not a single soul. I knew no language. I was a stranger, "permanent alien" as my papers would say according to the INS. But even this solitary confinement wasn't enough. I have to give my last friend -- myself. I couldn't afford my Other.

"Our faith in others betrayeth wherein we would fain have faith in ourselves. Our longing for a friend is our betrayer." (N)

I had to lose the sense of myself. I did.

"O my friend, man is something that hath to be surpassed." Nietzsche was an old prisoner, he saw it all. He knew that they outlawed "man" long ago. How else should a Gulag's prisoner understand their slogans. We knew how to read ideological mind. We knew that when they say "life" it was our death. We learnt that when they say "All for Man" -- it was our death sentence. We were dead in principle. Our life was an accident.

I was dead.

"My death, praise I unto you, the voluntary death, which cometh unto me because I want it." (N)

Last Will!

"Power is it, this new virtue; a ruling thought is it..." Nietzsche said after he returned from the torture chamber. What was he talking about, the old mad man? What power!

The age, the time, the pain forced me to fight. Why should I shy away. I paid for compromises with the popular. Most of in Russia were corrupt, we were part of the system. That's my American position: I'm an educator within the system of anti-education. I want my power. My power over my own life. I would fight for my power over the world if it would bring me this power over my own life.


Let me teach you death, Zarathustra.

I lived in the USSR, the paradise of hell.

I live in USA, one hell of paradise!

Two super-powers are more than enough for one life and one pure soul.

Let me tell you how it feels to be under the voltage of a super-power. Let me tell you, Zarathustra, how to survive in nuclear explosion of humanism.

Family failing of philosophers. -- All philosophers have the common failing of starting out from man as he is now and thinking they can reach their goal through an analysis of him. They involuntarily think of 'man' as an aeterna veritas, as something that remains constant in the midst of all flux, as a sure measure of things. Everything the philosopher has declared about man is, however, at bottom no more than a testimony as to the man of a very limited period of time. Lack of historical sense is the family failing of all philosophers.[3]

A historic man is no more. We, Americans, are men of Resurrection. Nice, healthy, good, full of best intentions and love. We know no evil even when see it. The old world doesn't understand us.

I am It.

It works. Soul is a working machine. What else is good for? Angels were created to a job -- creation of the world. We can't live without work.

You have to work in paradise. That's how the utopia exists. It's a machine (and who would need a non-working mechanism?). Working principle is tyrannical. What did you think? Humanity is repressive, goodness is dictatorial...

There's nothing human about the humanized future. Techno-mankind would take last drop of blood from all and everybody. Yes, lives must be utilized, every minute must be used, no waste of anything. (What's how I was wasted). Tell me about extensive labor of Mr. Marx's times! There was a class of free people (including the great thinkers) with plenty free time on their hands, as if in endless childhood. They had time to feel and think.

Not in paradise. In paradise even sleeping is work.

Forced to work? Why not? What else is there to do? Look at them! The consumers, tv watchers! They all the same! And didn't we all agree that "life" is meaningless?

How about a divine nonsense?

Resurrected life! Resurrected nonsense!

How could it be?

Oh, a miracle!

Paradise is extreme!

Let me teach you extreme, Zarathustra.

In your future, my children, the death will be desirable as life was before me. Paradise is a life sentence. There will be nothing but "life" around you. Live people and their live images, live waters and unthinkable pleasures. Everything is good -- life, death, nothing...

New History (Post-history) as Ideology

My three trips: Russia, Africa, America. I lived many lives, trying to find my own life. First, I tried to leave the old world, then -- America, only to discover American colonies (America itself began as colonies). Territories, not even cultures. Names. When I returned, I was again at the American Factory, and the Metropolitan Museum America had little history before, it has no past now. Only a desire for it, something real.


We are the transition to the 3rd millennium, we are the process. Did I travel at all? I am the travel of the world, departuring and arriving to another state of mind -- and taking history with me. My and your travels brought the changes in Russia or Africa. To see American history one must watch American television, not political news. The fall of communism affected America no less than Russia, maybe, even more -- the opposition, the Berlin Wall, is not there to hold back the specter of communism from colonization of USA. America was ready for communism, we, the New Americans, are communists at heart.

"Communism in America" was an idea, I was inspired by "Democracy in America." See and write it down. I'm a lucky guy. I always happen to be in the right place on time. I left Russia after witnessing the crumbling of the system, and arrived to the States to see another collapse. The New Americans are the tool to deconstruct America. There are many Americas in America, and Communism has numerous shades and forms. So, what is Communism? Which one?

Heavens know no geography, borders, separation -- paradise is a communal place. There are many levels of good. Good has tendency to desire the better. The better ask for "more better"....

American communism isn't red but rosy. African communism is dark but it's red underneath. New Russian communism looks brownish... PBS: Gorbachev, Bush, Thatcher, Maroney, Mitteran -- talking about the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Who is communist? They all are. Globalism asks for tolerance, common ground, elimination of differences. "We agree to disagree" means that we are agree. Being together, one family.

We are the expression of US Constitution and the conclusion to the Communist Manifesto. Look at "text interpretations" from the Cyberspace. We, the people, the spirits of paradise! Read it. About e-bodies, web communities, digital life...

Post-communism: what do you do after the fulfillment of prophecies? You accept the defeated with their ideologies. Communism isn't a military threat anymore, we place it in our American pantheon. NATO will include them all, to police ourselves. "We are the world, we are the children..." Nice. Keep the nukes. Against who? The (illegal) aliens!

Devils were fallen angels. Not any longer. Not after the apocalypse. Forgiven.

Global history view: WW I brought the world together. First meeting of West and East (in Europe) resulted into a bigger crisis of the New and the Old World. The thirties-- fascism in all shapes and form, including communism in Russia, state democracy in US: New Deal, New World Order... East met West when both had disappear.

150 years after Alexis de Tocqueville? We like to mention the triumph of democracy at the end of the century. Most important, that communism changed its ideological forms into technological existence. Three tasks of the Soviet planned history are completed: electrification (electronization), collectivization (concentration) and cultural revolution (disappearance of individual). All you need is one generation, that's all.

How the differences could be unified?

The Conversion: soft socialism, soft capitalism. French met German, British mix with Indian, past with future, heaven and earth... Hardware of Marx (economy) with the superstructure -- and upside up: ideology as a basis. Phone made Jew and Arab into cultural attributes, highways united Europe, airports -- the world. Our differences are soft, our unity is hard. Television is a true hardware, our bodies are soft.

.... Good bye, my friend, good bye.

1. History as Our Conspiracy Against God

Historical side notes: is it America who drove European history for two centuries? From the time of the French Revolution to the collapse of communism. Napoleon was French "American," a self-made man. Germany was build out of nation-states around the time of the American Civil War. [Linguistics. A war? Wasn't it the first civil war required for every national revolution? Why do they call American liberation from England a REVOLUTION? They weren't occupied. Separation? No, they established a republic. Revolt by the low class (marxism)? Americans as a proletariat of Europe? They fought their own American aristocracy (South). Every country in the world would want to imitate American success.]

The Communist revolution created modern super-states. Collapse of the Soviet Union was possible because instead of American civilization was born the American State. It's not the United States of America (another America, imperialist) by nature and naturally would follow the logic of the American constitution. *New Americans* (globalized postmodern Americans) live in this super-power. [Super-state isn't a natural product of eternal American development but the external, global situation. It should be called Hyper-State.] They are heirs of the land, they're socialists by definition of being citizens of the State not a society. This is semi-global (also, pseudo-global) state with a tendency to grow into a world government. [WW II was a departure from an isolated USA to the American Age.]

The Soviet Union was no longer needed, no need for a direct total power of the state in a world where citizenry is based on identification with the state not the community. The New Russians are New Americans (that's why their economy isn't and wouldn't working). Pseudos behave as hypers. Super-citizens are not working, they are consuming -- they are always in depth, they have to (in order to be linked with the state), and the only connection known to them is a dependency). The Communism and the world revolution succeeded, comrade Trotsky.

2. Politics of Metaphysics (Theology of Democracy)

The third millennium: the end of equality. Our alienation makes us non-comparable. We are equal in our loneliness (death).

Competition of all with everyone (tradition of capitalism, according to marxism) would force to have two "social" types: "winners" and "losers" (Am. street culture terminology). Celebrity paid on a different scale--only global recognition pays. They are paid by all the living.

Instead of national cultures--two global cultures: producers and consumers. After the leveling and equalizing everybody, the two would reappear again: the master and the slave. Paradise never was a place of equality: Adam was created into animal kingdom to rule. Equality is forced on us by Resurrection (trail); none is considering himself an equal with the last. The sense of superiority is natural and fundamental. We accept the contract as a necessity against our instincts.

3. Who owns America?

Democrats (all), politically. Consumers--economically (the same). History notes: Republicans in twelve years (since 18560 became a major party. Libertarians didn't present themselves as a party for America (American people).

The Republican "revolution" (reformation) would fail (as the conservative revolution of Reagan and Thatcher before). American people won't let any "conservative" leader to take away direct (not representative) democracy. I represent myself. Power of the crowd is their history, their culture, their space. Mass democracy is in mass culture (Not Revolt of the Masses but Power).

4. Two texts: US constitution and Communist Manifesto, and the Bible?

The ones who generate ideas are in minority. They always were in small numbers, but before there was no mass democracy. They have ideas and they have power. Yes, sir, class society. Now THEIR ideas belong to the masses who *imitate democracy and freedom*.

Class wars in America, most visible -- the cultural revolution. No less catastrophic than in Russia or China. The silent majority speaks now (tv), and the next generation belongs to another culture, communist pop-culture. They are after you, on the streets (gangs), at work (bureaucracy, their reps and servants, not yours), on TV (soups, sitcoms, talk shows), at work (they will never work), they after your children (education system works, they have to be illiterate). It's a war and they are winning the war which is won.

I know it, I came from the country where they took over completely. Russia didn't hide it totalitarism. Russia advertized her paradise with no less enthusiasm than America selling her brand.

Post-modernism isn't just my subject for reflection but my material. Cosmic civilization must be post-modern, post-historical, post-human. Definition of post-humans. Resurrection is communal, collective; communism is a result of evolution and "progress." Collective conscience.

PM Man is a process, never result (because he is a product), he is incapable to finish anything. Motion pictures do not exit without motion. Contradiction: pictures (art) are supposed to capture motion (life) in "stopped" aesthetics of two-dimensions.


Paradise was destroyed by Adam's removal: I could exit only in viewing paradise. PM mind can't be understood (or seen) without the environment, it's contextual definition (a priori). Actually, there's nothing to understand, this ideological mind doesn't exist by itself.

Pop-culture (term) is misleading: it's not a culture but an environment. Classical culture = unpopular culture? Are we talking about Art? Another "culture"? Two cultures in very national culture (high and folk culture): old marxism. We don't call pop-culture "folk culture" -- global folks -- why not?

POMO man isn't an individual (totalitarism is total integration into environment). Marxism: man = summary of social functions; persona is unique only to a degree of special combination of the summary. Each of us is nothing but a connection, a link.

Alienation is a result of this status (Alienation from myself and another, it it's "personal" (close) relation.) Alienation to mind is that of gravity to body.


My problem is simple: I have to go deep inside myself for a support. I have to be careful, I'm full of their agents (ideas). I can't fully trust myself. My individuality was molded by history and society, and my resistance to this process. I am too historical, too contextual to be anywhere but inside the picture. I'm fully incorporated into my "times," completely engaged in reactions to the present. History (past and future) has to access to me, only through the media (ideology). Modernism aimed at packaging all in one time capsule. Postmodernism with its factual globalism contains all within one chronotope. Techno-culture makes me included in contemporality before my birth; even my conception is controlled (birth control), socially manipulated act. Soviet propaganda machine was no less open in its intentions than American advertising apparatus. No exit and no escape from this system....

How could I be in control? Do I need to be? Or should I enjoy the slavery? Why in classical history they feel themselves at home?

The politics.

Pepsi commercials or Mickey Mouse cartoons are no less politically charged than Hitler's propaganda. My visit to supermarket is a vote-getting action, the world appeal to me as a citizen of paradise, I'm being governed directly and constantly. Economy without being political can't exist. Politics of entertainment police me with more pressure than any government. It always was the case with any culture, why should it be different at the times of global imperialism. This is all against every single one. Don't be surprise: you could be the one who could cause Chernoble.

Politics are the method of our culturation.

What could a single individual do a century ago? Shoot the Tzar? Discover something. Janitor at some small bio-tech company could release a disease which would destroy the entire human race. check our nightmares on the big screen.

Our popular (didn't you get it? mass, total, totalitarian) culture must be political, we must believe in it the way we believe in laws of nature -- gravity, sunset, science! We can't question humanity, our goodness, godlike, rights to be right. We must not question! Anything. Question yourself.

Choice and choices -- micro-politics at work.

I was forced to vote in the Soviet Union (like everybody else) for one mane on the ballot. I liked the idea of choosing -- now I have two names (the rest still are not competing but "making a point"). Alas, both presidential candidates were chosen for me. Do I have my say in selecting them ("through involvement in local politics")? Once again, 1996, ten Republicans running (president in office, as usual, has no contenders from his own party--what a political wisdom). What does it make my participation in a political process? Entertainment!

This is the third time around for me; according to any practical lesson, it's about time to make some conclusions...

1. Stupid Questions:
(From my political diaries)

Topics: Majority Rule. If majority in equal society means "mass," why not to say "mass ruling"? Why not accept that society is run by the mob? Soviet communists never shied away from the fact that Socialist State is "by the people, for the people, and of the people" -- even during the Stalin's purges. They had their definition of "people." They were defined by the "enemies of people."

We don't know "the people" of the time of writing the American Constitution. We know that they were different from what we have now. Who are the people of today?

2. TV-zens:

American Time and Space (Media; TV, radio, print)--could I be a citizen without being a TV viewer? My right and obligation to watch TV. Hoe about "California Ideology."

3. Stroke by Lightening

The Internet phenomena: direct democracy, another expression of "American Idea." (Mass)4 Media was destined to produce for masses and in (mass) quantity. Many channels, many movies, many of everything of the same. The more we produce (variety) the more needs we have, and one of the first to navigate (browse) the mass data. Information has to consume you, to take you in, make you addictive to information (I'm a news junkie).

4. ANARCHISM: Americans didn't come to this land to build an utopia. They had no mission, only purpose. To work for themselves. They had their wishes (called "American Dream"), and they succeeded. Utopia, super-idea, came with the victory (post WW II). Fascism is a shade of socialism. Anarchism, individualism produces the state. Duality of my social identity is solved by over-socialization.


Not us!

Why communism was made into a negative term?

Should Communism as an idea be accepted? Is there any other alternatives to the communal future since we already live in the communal present? Should we fear Internet? Communism vs. communism: communism on two levels -- political and cultural (moral?).

U.S. Constitution and Communist manifest have the same origins -- European (mostly the French) 18th century. Communism was another step of modernism. Fifty years in between.

Communism without value judgement, like gravity, day and night, seasons, *the fact* of our global social organization.

I study it because I have to live with it, to work with it, to protect myself I have to use it.

You can fight the Soviet Union but not the Internet.

Americans accepted communist ideology (morality)5 and that's why there's no space for American CP. [My conversation with the "Morning Star" fellow on Washington Square in 1981.] PM mind -- politically correct thinking, sensitive, censored, moral, ideological. Imitation of thinking, performing, acting "thinking."

Soft sale (advertizing) v. propaganda.

"The Eye of Power" (Foucault 161)

Labor as the symbolic function (2), and the function of discipline (3). Productive function (1) is given to the machine (I'm the guard (?) of the machine, a flexible segment).

Election: an illusion of power (Spectacle creates a sense of involvement and freedom = means of controlling).

Politics of Gaze (F).

Controlling through medicine. The politics of Health: price for extended life = social control. From birth control to diet.

The only difference between Com. state and Com. society is that in former you forced into slavery (open power), in the later you ask for it.

Rape and love. Big difference. Seduction is in between.


Art lives of folk culture, now pop culture lives of art. How culture could be popular? Then it has to be common. How culture could be not common? Ah, cultural culture. Cultured culture. Safe culture. Right, moral, controlled culture?

But where the art would come from? To use pop-culture as a ground -- recycling? Only the past (classical culture) is left as source of art. This is POMO (nostalgia for art).

Ruling culture always "realistic" (movies), balanced.

Art isn't.

American avant guard became a revolt, no aesthetic value besides the shock, protest value (social, moral aim).

Majority always had its own culture (folk) and only class society produced the art we know. PM -- classless society, no producers of art.

(PM, Re-thinking Zarathustra)

For the new year.--I still live, I still think: I still have to live, for I still have to think. Sum, ergo cogito: cogito, ergo sum. Today everybody permits himself the expression of his wish and his dearest thought; hence I , too, shall say what it is that I wish from myself today, and what was the first thought to run across my heart this year--what thought shall be for me the reason, warranty, and sweetness of my life henceforth. I want to learn more and more to see as beautiful what is necessary in things; then I shall be one of those who make things beautiful. Amor Fati: let that be my love henceforth!

I do not want to wage war against what is ugly. I do not want to accuse; I do not even want to accuse those who accuse. Looking away shall be my only negation. And all in all and on the whole: some day I wish to be only a Yes-sayer. (The Gay Science, 276).


Election data: 1996. Americans are anxious about their future? Futurists fear the future? Did the American dream betray them? WHAT IS THE FUTURE?

This is only one thing is expected of you -- to see it.

Speak, Zarathustra.

Oh, I have news for you, America.


Limits of communism has to be established by you personally, inside your territory -- your conscience. Your full integration is impossible -- and therefore undesirable. There's no perfect society for you. Society is "them." You are not them only when you are against them. Only then you form your individuality. Total war against the humankind (environment) is your fate. And you have to fight your fight with them, clean up your mind after contact with them, keep changing yourself.

"Enemies of Truth. Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies." (_Human-all-too-Human_, 483). Don't let your personal culture become your personal ideology. Don't stay for too long under water, return to your world. In your universe everything is a question, in theirs -- even questions are answers. Being an alien is a culture and requires learning. Remember, the Cold War is a war. Co-existence.


"Madness is rare in individuals--but in groups, parties, nations, and ages it is the rule." (_Beyond Good and Evil_, 156).

When the Berlin Wall fell, America didn't know that there's a price to pay for a victory. Whatever was wrong with the world, whatever communism couldn't fix, and even the communism itself were the trophies of the WW III. The Cold War gave us cold messages, they weren't hot news. They were anti-news, they were our secrets from ourselves. We didn't want to know new problems of the new world. We had our old problems.

Communism in America is a domesticated system. It's not an openly dangerous virus, it's in a suspended, sleeping mode.

Unproductive love should learn from much producing anger.

3. I AS WE[6]

The biggest and the smallest (last and extreme) minority is an individual. I am.

Society and the culture of society want me to believe that I am one, when I know that I am many. They like me to believe that "We" is the madness. Split personality, multiple personality, schizophrenia? They want me to treat myself as one; that's where my problems start. I try to come to terms with myself and fit myself into one (generated by them) identity.

I have my own culture, anti-social, because I am a society myself. My relations with myself are no less complex than of a nation. I am the world, and I mean it. I have my history, my traditions, my language, my customs -- none of the above is my "problem." My problems come when I refuse to accept my sovereignty. What all the human rights do for me if I am not about to use them. I have them by nature of being an individual.


[Minorities went after the power because they have no power. White working minority would revolt and the corporative America would support the revolutionary? Or would they stick with the consumers, the majority, the parasites?]

Not cultural but ideological war? (difference?) What is "conservative" agenda? Rolling back everything which is already implemented by America. The problem is that all the programs were installed for a reason. Problems with Reagan's conservative revolution: it's only awakening (reaction). The radicalism of communism -- not a match for some reforms and revisions.

This is where America ends. That's what white lies do to you. They destroy. That's what they suppose to do -- to kill the one who lies to himself.

Why do we need to lie to ourselves? Who is "we"? "We" don't know that.

Rush L. addresses himself to the biggest American minority. Does America belongs to them? (Rush is embarrassing to watch, he knows it, what's why the clowning, he is an optimist. He is a motivator, like tv evangelists. Inspirational because we are in panic. They pump you up because you are down and you can't admit it or accept it. You need somebody, something to talk you out of your depression.)

5. Talking to Myself:

Like dogs feel the earthquake, humans feel the history, their nature. Once you lived through the calamity, you know it the second time around.

Clinton would be re-elected, and this is the beginning of the end of political modernity. They would vote for him, because he is nice, he is nobody. Like them. (Give Clinton another four years of the full power and he'll do to the States what nice guy Gorbachev did to Russia).

USA has to collapse, it's about time. The rest of the national governments to follow. "This" country never was a nation, only a promise of a nation. What nation? The world nation which knows nothing about "countries."

United (Federalism) States (not nations) of America -- New Empire? Like Great Britain? Oh, imitation. Dakota, North or South -- never existed independently. State borders like in post-colonial Africa, by the ruler in hands of an administrative clerk. What kind of states are they? Territories. Forced differences and fake unionization. New York and New Jersey -- no cultural borders, regions. Americans wanted self-governing, stay way from anything big. Republic of Texas? How about West Virginia?

We ended up with a parody -- Washington D.C. and its congressmen.


What is this "real" world? Real Shadows: Nicholas II and Clinton, nice men in place of statesmen. Who is a real ghost? I am.

Would I witness the big end? Did I? What do you do at the time of the end? What one does before he dies? Not one, many die in one. There are three, at least (see Trinity).

Oh, doom-and-gloom?

Paranoia is no less real than success of Internet.

I won't be here if not for a sense that what I had in Russia was forever. Nothing happens, nothing would ever happen -- and the history sneaks in.

If nothing is about to happen, what would happen? Nothing? "Nothing" era Resurrection. The return of what was gone.

[The rating of Art Bell[7] are high because he is apocalyptic ("quickening").]

The race is over. Now we all -- East and West, North and South -- are at a mercy of the events.


The future belongs not to politics or economics, and not even to social models, but to the individual as a CONCENTRATION of politics, economics and society. He's only one who could solve his (the world's) problems. Not even a community -- not big enough next to an individual. That's where primitive communism stops, on "atomic" and "subatomic" level of the social. QM of communism -- me! It is spiritual?

That's how we can understand the end of history and life after the end. We have to find the way to redesign the human matter itself. "New man" was the aim of communism, -- and Nietzsche. Super-man, who is he? How this half animal could be an angel? What kind of discipline (control) would it take?

Super-social, super-love, super-moral... -- that's individualized power again? (History died to free an individual?) Does it have to break away from the "social"?

Replacement of the discipline society with the control society -- no, domestication of life in all its forms.

[The west shipped its production activities to the Third world. To think! It has no need for Russia (also, Russia was industrialized already).

Russia 90s: from factory to corporation; from production to marketing products. And they think that it's about the communists!]


New oppression of love (or mistrust)?

Could it be seen as a society's resistance to the power of individual?

Man and All: antagonistic relations? Chained together.


I suffer not because of understanding but half-way understood my situation in life.

Resurrection of (fictional) Paradise8 is a resurrection only because we have an idea of paradise. We believe in this pre-concept, that's why we construct, create -- and don't "discover" the paradise. We make it happen, it's not a gift but a hard labor.

We believe that the state of paradise means the end of evil. (Abortion of death penalty). Whatever is wrong with us it's only shadows of evil, "the leftovers of the past"; we have to control, if you don't want to punish. "Cruel and unusual punishment" -- what a door into "no punishment society"?! Americans can't be punished! How do you punish a soul? Punishment must be mental, imaginary, instructional. Since we don't kill, we have to work for killers (lost souls). "The last will be first" -- only criminals get attention in paradise. They are real.

Oh, the radical thought!

Marxism: there's nothing to discover in human nature, it's a myth, we have to construct "it," according to our needs. What are our (not mine, individually) needs? What was so special about existentialism? Reaction to primitive marxism? Aha, I got it -- I'm nothing! The same -- "who was nothing will be everything!" Sad. (see Resurrection.nts)

Zarathustra, you know that not only nothing but somebody (something) was thought of "you," before you came to this world (young Marx in his letter to his father, and, of course, principle of resurrection -- not "you" but somebody else is welcome). Very sad. I try to find my own essence at the time when the world expect me to be a resurrected soul of (somebody?) something else! Yes, yes, I was expected; the only problem they wanted "him" (her?) -- not me! I wasn't needed, I (me) was an accident. My parents, state are testimonials to that thought.


I can fight them only by using them. I can't protect myself by openly becoming their enemy. Only by being their favorite. Christ made them desire the slavery. Democracy made them happy slaves. That's what they are. Personality is an imitation of individuality. Their call for freedom is need of their will of enslavement. The safest position. They are ready to die defending their slavery. That's what their deflations mean. What a strange thought to "make" them "free."

Is there any limit for losing my individuality and becoming a dispersed subject? Being "myself" (individual) is my personal business (Stirner). Nobody else is interested in this task. Collecting myself is everyday job, the world is taking me apart (deconstruction).

How could I balance such a force? The first nature is on my side: the second nature doesn't see "I" as a whole thing. And this is "human" universe! Another nature knows nothing about my soul, only another soul. But between us -- the system.


Stay with the TOPIC -- SOULS!

(see Tech in )

Self. Inc.

This is what comes after (out of) the book on communism -- "what has to be done?" (Holy Trinity)

...masochism creates a temptation to perform 'sinful' actions, which must then be expiated by the reproaches of the sadistic conscience (as is exemplified in so many Russian character-types) or by chastisement from the great parental power of Destiny. -- Sigmund Freud. The Economic Problem of Masochism The Double

Ironic? The hardware for the Internet built by the government, made into use (communications) by the society. Don't you ever forget that the Internet was designed by the Defence Department's generals. Now the Government wants to control something which was originated in order NOT TO TRACE THE SIGNALS.

Mass media goes junky because it's free and belongs to THEM, the consumers, the majority. A lost battle -- these Americans, "we, the people" -- silent majority speaks. And it's loud. Finally: go underground -- on the Internet. Out? Internationally. Abroad.

How does the state see them? Taxpayers. Next? Idea of redistribution -- taxes. (see Paine)

Why to go after a mortal who would die anyway? Top secret: he is the only danger for human race. He is the only real enemy, and they recognized it before he noticed the war.

He has nothing to lose. He is a loser, he will die. He is radical and he is the insider: he can strike at the heart of humanity. He can destroy the paradise. He did it before. He has to be incorporated, separated from himself, neutralized. Corrupt him with long comfortable life, keep him busy reacting to news, issues, "our" problems. Keep insisting that man belongs to human kind.

The answer -- disengedgement. They have nothing to offer. What do they have? They are have-nots. They are there with one instinct -- to take. There's no much in them to understand. Departure from them is your salvation.

Self. Globalization of individual. Connections all with all is for preventing the war all against all.

After Adam, hunt to prevent the destruction of (new) paradise.

Humanity fights for its life and the only potential terrorist left is a single man.

Is an individual (Christ) a price to pay for "good life"? He is the last refuge of life, culture, and the real. How real is our mass man?

His victory is to give birth to himself.

His mind, heart and soul are the targets.

Solidarity is not for him. That's the shortest way to be destroyed by the other like you.

Soul is created out of nothing by you at time of resurrection. You start after your second birth, birth of your self. And you learn how to die. You die to learn how to be dead.

We have no souls, because we ARE resurrected souls. Angels have no souls. In the second paradise we are soulless!
What is a soul?
Something like Nothing.
What is a soul without body?
The machine -- a body without a soul.

Just minimum of a body. We have too much of it for KOG. We to departure from it, literally, in order to enjoy the astral.

Americans, new souls.... O! They still have bodies! Oops! But shape their bodies according to their desires. "Happiness" in the US Constitution is an expression of soul.


Street Scenes:

KOG is a home for a soul, not the body. Is materialism a reaction? An attack on anything material, domesticating it. Granting the infrastructure the status of primacy, we work on transforming it into a new reality with qualities of super-structure. What is work? The notion of the material world is a mental realization. Changing the world is a compromise. Infrastructure is the place between the matter and mind. Road construction -- Summer 97; redesigning the territory, something between the natural landscape and our needs. A creek pushed away and tubed, a bridge over existing road, etc. A marriage of earth of heaven. We live in the zone which is a border. One glace at the construction site give you impression of war. The machines -- tanks, warfare, fortification, helmets, orange jackets, warning signs.... At the gas station they plant trees, landscaping, like in Japan. What could nature do? It follows the master. Is this corner of the world better now? Before it was a forest. Now -- the garden.

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