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But I didn't keep up with aDiary -- 2009 page?

... biblio: Item reviewed: Catastrophe Review: After the End, July 11, 2009 By Anatoly Antohin "filmplus.org" (Theatre UAF, Alaska) (REAL NAME)
The book is late. The catastrophe took place already. Dick Morris must know it better than anybody else -- it's the real catastrophe of morals, the true core of American conservatism. He was in the White House and saw it, he was in DC and participate in it. Financial (and economic) crisis is the result of this end of American principles. No more business common sense, no more idea of decency or shame. Too late cry "socialism" -- twenty years too late. The end of the Cold War was the time to return to American values, instead we went on the...

Crisis? filmplus.org/politics ?

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So, how does Obama-America looks like?
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{ 2009 }

Between amer-1 and this amer2.0 is ten years, at least.

I began my notes "Post-America" somewhere in the mid 1990s. It was another century, another millennium.

It was another me.

filmplus.org/amer/2009 -- the postmodern POV. What other "AmeriKa" could I see, if my American Experience began in 1980?

... What did I see in my "American Travel"?

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"Summer Fool" is about being an American, about the last (2008) elections...